Boston Media Group

A developer for Boston Media Group approached me to perform a basic SEO overhaul of the website, of which it had great need because the site wasn’t even even turning up in searches for the company name!

I built the basic foundation for a good SEO strategy and we discussed the overall site strategy. Name brand results were the top priority, and after that they were set on a one-page design – a cool new trend, but one which tends to negatively affect SEO because there isn’t much page depth or copy. We found some ground in the middle and I advised them in how to work in the right keywords, headings tags, canonical redirection, image classification, text-to-code ratio, etc, and explained the importance of always building backlinks and generating fresh content.

The site soon appeared at the top of search results for the company name, and pretty high for other generic terms which are similar to the company name, like “Boston media.”

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