Just Neighbors

Over the past couple of months I have had the pleasure of working with Just Neighbors, a non-profit that helps immigrants in Northern Virginia. They needed a website overhaul and had already approved a custom design, which they sent me (in a couple of .psd files). The designer had done a great job of labeling the dozens of layers in Photoshop, which made it very easy for me to work with – I always appreciate that 🙂

I took over and made an HTML version to get approved before it will be converted into a WordPress template. There were a few issues that I had to communicate with the designer on (rollover effects, header images, etc) but by the end of it I had made a pixel-perfect live website out of the designer’s vision which looks good across different browsers and screen sizes, and which downloads fast.

Below you’ll find a screen shot of the PSD file, followed by a screen shot of the dev website. I’ll update this here with a link as soon as we go live.



Just Neighbors - Dev Screenshot