Social Media Consulting

Social Media for BusinessWhile social media started as a method for friends to communicate, it quickly evolved into an indispensable business tool because it opened a channel for large organization to communicate directly with consumers. This new relationship replaces the traditional one-way approach of advertising with a two-way conversation where consumers have a bigger voice and brands become a bigger part of consumers’ lives.

Social Media Strategy is unique for every situation, but a few principles stand firm:

  • Provide useful, engaging, and relevant content for your followers
  • Build trust and respect your followers – do not abuse the relationship with blatant advertising
  • Keep communications positive
  • Design messages that will be shared by current followers and found by new users
  • Don’t let too much time elapse between posts
  • Use services to schedule posts, but avoid blatant automation

While having consulted for a handful of small business on Social Strategy, I personally maintain two Twitter accounts relating to my music career. Some tweets apply nicely to both profiles, but others are clearly best for just one. I decide in every case, but have streamlined a process so that it hardly takes any time.