Responsive Websites in WordPress

mobile-wordpress-siteI started out coding mobile websites by hand several years ago (before the first iPhone came out, actually), and that is still how I prefer to do it sometimes! However, I have given that technique up as old-fashioned now when it comes to WordPress sites

It’s just too tricky to do your own coding on that platform without having lots of obstacles. Perhaps someday a mobile- and tablet-friendly approach will be built-in, but for now my favorite¬†way to make WordPress websites is with one of two plugins: WPTouch and WP Mobile Detector.

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Dropbox – File sharing on multiple devices – even your smartphone!


Logo for Dropbox, a could computing file sharing service.

Dropbox Logo

Dropbox is one of those new web services that has completely changed my digital life. In a nutshell, Dropbox creates a folder system that is automatically synced up with all of your computers AND your smartphone. That means that any files that you put in can be viewed on all of your devices. Even better, they can be accessed ANYWHERE just by logging in to the website.

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