My Favorite WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a great website-building platform, in part because it’s open source. This allows for a gigantic index of plugins created by freelance developers to increase functionality and customize various aspects of the WordPress package.

There are many plugins to sort through, and when I’m looking for one that does a specific thing I’ve found that I often need to install several different plugins and try them each out before settling on the best one.

Below is a list I’ve compiled of my favorite and most frequently-used plugins.

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Managing separate Files/Folders in WordPress Directory

Off and on over the past few years I’ve occasionally wanted to put a file/directory inside a WordPress directory and then simple get the link to that file without messing with WordPress. I follow all normal procedures only to find that when I paste the link to my file in the browser, I get a WordPress error page – not just a regular error page, but one from the WordPress install that I’m trying to avoid.

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Bank of America “Number 1 Online Bank”

I was doing some online banking today at Bank of America (yes, I still have an account with them … for now). I saw a little announcement on the bottom left of the screen that said “Bank of America ranked #1 Online Bank.”

“Hmmmf,” I sniggered. I have experience with 3-4 online banking systems, and BOA is my least favorite in terms of ease-of-use and understanding-where-all-these-other-charges-are-coming-from. It has even been difficult to simply find out how much I owe and pay it. One of my old accounts is still listed in my payment center (even though I closed it over two years ago) and I can never remember which one is the active one.

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Making Your New Facebook Profile Look Cool

I’m as wary as the next Facebook user about the frequency of Facebook layout updates and the privacy issues that accompany this whole social networking phenomenon.

With the most recent Facebook layout change, however, I took the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” attitude after finding this webpage sharing cool new things people have done with their Facebook profiles. This first article was so popular, they wrote another one called more creative uses of the new Facebook Profile.

You can make your Facebook Profile look like this too! Just follow the directions on this page :)

My Facebook Page with Faux Panoramic

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